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Womb Twin representative


Aranka Reeuwijk


Aranka became a Womb Twin representative in 2019. She has been working since 2013 with womb twin survivors for the entire Benelux. She is an expert and knows how to recognise the different dynamics that are so characteristic for WTS. She was once stuck in the so-called 'dream of the womb', recognised all the characteristics and also knows what a challenge it is to get out of it. Aranka had a twin brother.


In her daily work she works through individual sessions with womb twin survivors. She uses, for example, constellations, visualisations and aromatherapy. She also gives workshops (one or more days) especially for womb twin survivors.

In 2020, she and her colleague will start an education for Dutch therapists where they learn to understand and guide womb twin survivors better in their process.


As president of the Dutch foundation for Alone-born Twins (Stichting ATN), Aranka has the mission to raise awareness of this phenomenon among therapists and doctors so that it will be seen as a serious syndrome.

In the coming years, the foundation will start research at European level together with other Womb Twin representatives.


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