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Womb Twin representative


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Monica Hudson


Monica became the US representative for Womb Twin and began organising healing workshops with Althea Hayton in NYC in 2009.  She wrote for the Womb Twin Blog (US and World) then launched the TWINDIVIDUAL healing path in 2011 to help survivors navigate the journey toward their most authentic selves: TWINDIVIDUAL.  Her measurable case studies prove that traumatic pre-natal imprints, containing the lost of a twin/multiple before birth, has an impact on lone survivors and there are effective tools for symptom management and resolution. 


Her background in transformational psychology, art therapy and energy healing, combined with her ability to intuit and guide each unique process, local or long distance, have earned her the nickname “Womb Twin Whisperer."  Monica also works with twinless twins, living twins who are womb twin survivor triplets, as well as those affected by haunted womb (prior womb loss), and is currently based in the Detroit area where she moderates the international private chat group on Facebook: TWINDIVIDUAL CHAT.

Monica is a twinless twin and womb twin survivor quadruplet so she has first-hand knowledge of what it means to be identical/fraternal, twin/multiple as well as the lone survivor.  She was a 3 lb preemie baby impacted by a long NICU stay which further complicated the trauma in her birth story, documented in the book "A Silent Cry" by Althea Hayton. Her personal transformation accelerated when she found this work, that's why she made a promise to Althea to keep her light lit, staying on the front lines, advocating for womb twin survivors and helping with custom-tailored solutions both online and in workshops.  She is working hard to fulfil Althea's last wish: 2020 Year of the Twin.


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